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Volunteering for Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth


In order to be on the field with our athletes, each person must complete the Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Background Check along with the local park's background check.  Because the Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Background Check is not free, we will refund the full background cost for those who successfully pass this check.  Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken strives to ensure a safe environment for each athlete, which is why we require this additional background check.     

Volunteers Are a Necessity for Bowling Green Youth Baseball League

As a non-profit organization with 0 paid employees, our leagues are run entirely by volunteers. There are different levels of volunteers, from our Board of Directors down to include coaches and concession stand workers. There are many tasks necessary to run a league, including, but not limited to, the below:

  • Chartering/Insuring the league
  • Upkeep of website/Facebook pages
  • Working on registrations for each season
  • Drafting/Creation of Teams
  • Selection of Coaches
  • Scheduling of practices and games
  • Uniform ordering
  • Looking for sponsors
  • Purchasing/Upkeep of inventory for concessions stands
  • Running concession stands each game, including grilling burgers/hot dogs
  • Keeping a book of each game, including monitoring pitch counts
  • Announcing/Music during games
  • Locating and schedule of umpires
  • Upkeep of the treasury/bank account
  • Recruiting of players
  • Working with the Parks Departments

A league is only as good as those who give of their time to make a league run. More volunteers mean more that can be done. And it is important that a volunteer understands, especially if they are willing to work on the board, that the league is for EVERY child. 

Bowling Green Youth Baseball League needs volunteers at all levels. We need Board Members who give of their time to make the league work. If you are not willing to be on the Board, we need volunteers to keep the scorebook, help run the concession stand, coach, or whatever else can be done to help the league run. 

If you are willing to volunteer, on any level, please let us know. As players age out, volunteers age out as well. Without people willing to give of their time, there is no league. So, think of what you can do to help make sure there is a league available for kids to play baseball from ages 7-18. VOLUNTEER TODAY!