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Cal Ripken Spring 2024 Season Registration Link

Registration will close on March 7th.

2024 Spring Coach Pitch

Registration will close March 7th.

Cal Ripken 2024 Spring Registration Registration is Open!!!


Rookie League age range is 6-8, as of May 1st, 2024.  This is a coach pitch developmental league, designed to teach your young athlete the concepts of baseball.  There will be an end of the season tournament, and an opportunity to field an All-Star team to represent Warren County in our District/State Tournament.

Minors age range is 9 to 10 as of May 1st, 2024. Players will play kid pitch on a 46/65 size field with leading off. We do allow travel ball players, but they must go into a draft. We strive for all teams to be even! We want everyone to learn to win and lose while still having a great ball season.

Majors age range is 10 to 12 as of May 1st, 2024. This is the best league in the area during Fall season! The players will play on a 50/70 size field with leading off, to prepare the players for Middle School tryouts.

 All Divisions will have a 10-game season with an end of season tournament.  The teams that make it to the Finals will play for Championship Rings! 

 Player Evaluations will be held March 9th at Basil Field 2&4. Minors will be at 10:30am on Field 4. Majors will have evaluations at 12:30pm on Field 2. Rookie evaluations will be at 9am on Field 4. Players need all gear for hitting, fielding, and running. All players need to attend the Evaluation. This is the first chance the coaches get to see players before the draft. It helps in making sure the teams are as equal as they can be. If a player can't attend, then they will go into a hat and be drawn out at the end of the draft.

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Cal Ripken Fall 2024 Coach Registration


WCPR Background Check


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Early Registration is $25 off the original price of registration (only for 10U and above) early registration ends on December 31st

Every person intending to have direct, on the field, contact with players must complete and pass the WCPR Background Check, and the Babe Ruth National Background Screening.

The Babe Ruth National Background Screening is Not free.  If you successfully pass the Babe Ruth National Background Screening, you can be reimbursed by the league if you choose to do so.

Links are provided below.

Bowling Green Youth Baseball League


All Stars

Coaching for Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth


2024 Babe Ruth Spring Training

Registration will close on March 28th.

Babe Ruth Regular Season Info

Babe Ruth Baseball Ages 13-17

Babe Ruth Spring Training Information

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Chris Maxwell

Chairman of the Board 

Cal Ripken President

(270) 996-4450

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