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The Cal Ripken Difference

The Cal Ripken Difference

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Expanded Age Range

Affordable Recreational League



Most youth leagues’ playing fields fields are 46 feet to the pitcher’s rubber with 60 feet basepaths (46/60). However, many players start playing middle school baseball or prep league at age 13. Both of these are played on a 60/90 field.

This means is in a one year period a player will have to transition from 46/60 to 60/90. Players tend to struggle with this transition find themselves at a disadvantage when trying out for middle school baseball. Ask any middle or high school coach which is better for your child to play, and they will all say Cal Ripken 50/70. 

We offer the perfect solution to allow players to still have fun and learn to prepare for the next level of play by doing these few things. Leading off on bases, learning pick-off moves, drop third strike, getting to slide head first (if player chooses), infielders learning to hold runners on the bases while outfields learn to back the throw up. Cal Ripken is the only recreational league that offers these benefits. 

Bottom Line...Cal Ripken is better baseball. Join Us!